YOU’VE made it here, which likely means you have at the very least heard about the “Military Diet”.

So, what exactly is the Military Diet? Essentially, it’s a form of intermittent fasting, designed to burn fat and speed up your metabolism. Depending upon your current weight, you could lose up to 10 pounds in a single week!

You’ll need to follow our detailed diet plan for three days and then you get four days off, so there isn’t a huge commitment on your part. You can restart the diet each week until you reach your weight loss goals.

The great news is that all of the foods in the Military Diet are inexpensive and easily bought at any grocery store.

Tired of using the latest diet pill that comes on the market? Not only are these diet pills expensive, but they can have a negative impact on your health goals. The Military Diet is all-natural and the only cost is the food you need to purchase.

But, you’re purchasing food anyways, and you’ll actually save money because you’ll be eating a lot less.

How does the Military Diet work?

The Military Diet ensures you lose weight by eating a low calorie diet. During the three “ON” days, you’ll be eating less than 1000 calories a day. During the four “OFF” days, it’s recommend that you consume no more than 1500 calories initially.

If you’re a man and completing the Military Diet, you can add 100 calories to your “ON” and “OFF” days.

Once you reach your weight goals, you can start to consume more calories again. Just make sure you’re exercising regularly and eating healthy foods, so that the weight stays off. You should be doing this anyways, though, and not need to be reminded.

If you’re not willing to live a healthy lifestyle, no diet is going to keep the weight off forever. You don’t need to workout daily or even perform strenuous exercises, but you should remain active by taking a 30-minute walk/jog every night after work.

Exercise burns calories and since you’ll be consuming a low amount of calories, exercise will enhance your weight loss results. This diet is already designed to work quickly, but by exercising, the results will be enhanced and start showing faster.

Did you know that the average woman will burn 1800 calories every single day?

When you’re only consuming 1000 calories a day and burning 1800 calories, you’re going to lose weight. It’s that simple.

A lot of diet fads are designed to slow down your metabolism, but the Military Diet doesn’t do that due to running on a 3-day “ON” and 4-day “OFF” schedule. Just make sure you follow this format, don’t try to eat less calories on your “OFF” days then recommended.

The foods that are included in the Military Diet are high in protein and calcium. You’ll also regularly consume caffeine, vegetables and metabolism boosters. Some of the food are interchangeable with this diet and we’ll explain that in detail on our website.

Some of the Military Diet foods include eggs, cheese, bread, lean meat and my favorite, peanut butter.

Whether you complete the Military Diet as instructed is up to you. If you fail, don’t fret, just regroup the following week and give it another shot. There’s nothing difficult about the diet, but it can be tough to complete because of the restricted calorie count.

You’re going to feel hungry during the three “ON” days, don’t get me wrong. When you’re only consuming 1000 calories, you may also notice that your energy levels are lower, but don’t break the #1 rule, which is don’t snack.

A lot of diets allow you to snack as you wish, especially if the snacks are healthy, but that’s not the case with the Military Diet.

3 Day Diet – The Original Military Diet Plan

This is the original Military Diet Plan that has helped 1000’s of people cut weight fast. Doing this diet for just one week can help you lose up to 10lbs (4.5 Kilos) and it works. It consists of eating 3 meals for 3 days. Nobody likes to diet really which makes this one a great one to try. Its over quickly, there are no crazy foods and the results are always positive if you stick to it and don’t snack.

Military Diet Plan First Day Menu

Day One – Breakfast

To start with on day one your breakfast is:

  • A cup of Coffee.
  • Half a Grapefruit.
  • Peanut Butter on a slice of Wholewheat bread or toast.

#Top Tip – If you take sugar in your coffee replace it with a good sweetener and try to take one less than normal (remember sugar = calories) . If you really don’t like coffee replace that with black tea. If you like neither water is the answer.

Day One – Lunch

Your day one lunch menu is:

  • A cup of Coffee.
  • A small tin of tuna.
  • One slice of Wholewheat bread or toast.

#Top Tip – Its okay to add some things to your tuna, a little sweetcorn, some onion, some tomato or something like cucumber, all good foods with low calories. Don’t cheat and add mayonnaise.

Day One – Dinner

Your day one dinner menu is:

  • 3 ounces (85 grams) of lean meat.
  • One handful of green beans.
  • Half a banana.
  • One apple.
  • One scoop of vanilla ice cream.

#Top Tip – 3 ounces of meat is about the size of a deck of cards, choose lean cuts of meat – they have words like ’round, loin or leg’ on the pack. If you really don’t like beef you can swap it with skinless chicken, turkey or even seafood. Its best to cook it under the grill and use the juices for taste.

For a drink, its best to use water, try putting a slice of lemon in some chilled water, its tasty. You really want to avoid fizzy soft drinks they are full of sugar and that means calories even if the packs say zero.

The Famous 3 Day Army Diet Second Day Menu

Day Two – Breakfast Your day two breakfast menu is:

  • One slice of wholewheat bread or toast.
  • One egg cooked how you like.
  • One half of a banana.

#Top Tip – Its easy to poach and egg and delicious. If you do it that way add a little vinegar to the boiling water and make a whirlpool then drop you egg. The vinegar will help it not to split and the whirlpool will make it spin in on itself keeping it all together.

Day Two – Lunch

Your day two lunch menu is:

  • 5 Saltine crackers, or small cracker bread or rice cakes.
  • 1 hard boiled egg.
  • One serving of cottage cheese, small cup / 3 table spoons.

#Top Tip – You can do an egg in the microwave, crack it open in a microwave friendly cup or bowl – 2 mins and you have a hard boiled scrambled egg.

Day Two – Dinner Your day 2 dinner menu is:

  • One handful of carrots.
  • A handful of broccoli.
  • Two hot dog sausages cooked how you like.
  • Half of a banana.
  • 1 scoop of vanilla ice-cream.

#Top Tip -The carrots will take longer than the broccoli to cook, I suggest you stick them under the grill with the sausages. Broccoli takes 3 or 4 minutes to cook in boiling water, you don’t want to over do them or they will be soft. And if you can get your hands on some organic baby carrots, get them they are delicious.

For drinks, again were going to suggest water. You can drink water throughout the day. Its recommended that we drink around 80 ounces per day, that’s about 2.5 liters. Chilled water with lemon or lime can be tasty and refreshing.

Military Diet Final Day Menu

Day Three – Breakfast Your day three breakfast menu is:

  • 5 Crackers.
  • 1 slice of cheddar cheese – or grate just enough to cover your crackers.
  • One apple.

#Top Tip – Any cheese you like best will do here, try stay away from processed cheese, if it looks and tastes like plastic, its processed, personally I like mature white cheddar, its cheap and tastes great.

Day Three – Lunch Your day three lunch menu is:

  • One slice of wholewheat bread or toast.
  • One egg cooked how you like.

#Top Tip – Do avoid using butter on your bread. I love poached egg, its runny and messy and that’s the best way. Its okay to add a pinch of salt and black pepper.

Day Three – Dinner Your day three dinner menu is:

  • 2 small tins of tuna.
  • A scoop of vanilla ice cream.
  • One half of a banana.

#Top Tip – Tuna too bland? Add a little Tabasco, onion and cucumber. Don’t cheat with mayo!

So there you have the original Military diet. Day three is your toughest day but if you follow this guide you can wake up day four and check the scales. Most people lose 4 – 10lbs (2 – 4.5 kilos), that’s a great boost to anybody. And you can keep it off too. We will offer guides and tips to continue beyond the 3 days. We will also give you substitute options so you can create you own menus. That is the Diet that has worked for 1000’s of people women and men world wide and its called the Military Diet.


Thousands of women and even many men are completing the Military Diet as you’re reading this. So, what are you waiting for? We have provided our readers with the tools and information they need to succeed with the weight loss goals.

Read around the website and when ready visit the “Military Diet Plan” page, which details the exact foods and drinks you need to complete the Military Diet inexpensively at home. Everyone can complete the diet, it just takes will power and determination.