Probably one of the most popular game, Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos is a high fantasy real-time strategy video game that has been developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment, and was made available to gamers back in July 2002. It is the continuation to Warcraft: Orcs & Humans.

In the Warcraft fictional universe, it is the 3rd game which has been released. Due to it’s popular demand, an expansion pack was released in 2003 namely ‘The Frozen Throne‘.

Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos:


Developed and released by Blizzard Entertainment, Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos is the sequel to Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness and the third game of the Warcraft franchise.

It was launched in July 2002 and was followed by an extension pack of the game called Warcraft III: Frozen Throne precisely a year later.

Warcraft 3 Storyline:

Similar to the storyline of StarCraft, the story of this game is also narrated through all the 3our races that are part of the game- Humans, Orcs, Night Elf and the Undead.

Hence the game is divided into four different campaigns, which are named- The Scourge of Lordaeron for the Human campaign, The Undead campaign or the Path of the Damned, Orcish Campaign or The Invasion of Kalimdorand the Eternity’s End for the Night Elf Campaign.

Warcraft 3 Gameplay:

The game has playing maps of various sizes, with river, sea, mountains or cliffs being the terrain options. The two elements of mystery regarding the map are the Mask and the Fog of War. The mask covers the parts of the map that are unexplored.

But even for unmasked regions that are beyond the sight of a unit or building, there exists the Fog of War which hides the movements of enemy troops and buildings, until your forces come within sigh range.

During the game, using the natural resources- Gold, Lumber, and Food, the players must build bases, upgrade, defend against enemy attacks and other computer controlled enemies like the Creeps, which has been introduced in this game.

In addition to the Orcs and the Humans of Warcraft II, the Night Elves and the Undead have been added to playable races in this third edition of the game. This game has also introduced some exciting aspects by adding the day/night cycle in its gameplay.

At night the creeps of both teams fall asleep, and the line of sight of most of the units also reduce, thus making it easier to scout.

The main gameplay of Warcraft III remains similar games of the RTS genre. But one main difference with its sequel game is the introduction of hero characters.

These heroes can also interact with the non-player characters of the game and utilize the natural resources in the map.

Warcraft 3 Game Play Mode:

The game has mainly two modes– Campaign Mode and Multiplayer Mode. There are total five campaigns (four mentioned earlier and an optional prologue campaign).

In each campaign, there is an option of controlling one of the few heroes, with some quests and missions revealed during the storyline of the campaign.

The storyline for each campaign is different, but the structuring of all the campaigns are similar. While campaign mode is an elaborate mode, with many objectives, the simple Multiplayer mode has the single goal to play as one of the hero characters and destroy all enemy buildings. In this mode, the map is devoid of any Mask, but the Fog of War persists.

Four Races That You Can Play In Warcraft 3:

  • Humans
  • Orcs
  • The Night Elves
  • The Undead

The humans and orcs have been continued from Warcraft: Orcs & Humans and Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness. But the night elves and the undead are a new addition to the game. Warcraft III’s single-player campaign mode could be compared to that of StarCraft, which is also by developed by Blizzard Entertainment.

The plot of all four of the game’s races has been demonstrated in a progressive manner. Multiplayer mode can be played in two ways. One allows the player to play against other players, via the Internet. The second one would be playing against computer-controlled characters which can be done in the custom game mode of single-player.

Tricks To Use Warcraft 3 Cheats Code:

So matey, are you stuck on a single-player mission? Spent hours on the game, but still can’t clear it? Or are you just a bum who likes things easy?

Either way, the cheat codes can provide you with that “edge“ you’re looking for. So, in order to use the cheat code, press the Enter key, just type in the code, and press Enter again. Easy peasy. The message “Cheat Code Enabled“ will appear.

It should be remembered that these codes only work in single-player missions and custom maps. So, you gotta develop your skills if you wanna brawl with other gamers online.

Warcraft 3 – Reign of Chaos is a really epic game which is full of cool strategies, awesome battles and more amazing Warcraft 3 heroes than you will ever beat. But if Warcraft 3 is being a pain you, you’ll want game hacks, tips and cheat codes that’ll enable you to unleash carnage on the enemy.

Start clicking on a sheep and keep clicking on it for a while. After a couple of seconds, it will blow up! The Warcraft 3 exploding sheep cheat is quite fun and you can spend hours just doing that. Seriously. This works on some other animals too.

Unlock Extra Ending:

If you desire to see a Starcraft battle taking place. Then you’ll have to win the Night Elf campaign with the difficulty level set to hard. Once the original ending is finished you get to see the Starcraft battle in action.


While in the prologue, head to the first mission and type the ”iseedeadpeople” code to make the entire map visible. You can browse through the island and at the top of the screen you will notice some pirates guarding ”phat lewt”. 

Reign of Chaos  Mini-Game Secret:

From the Single Player menu, choose Custom game and then double tap on the Scenario Folder which would appear at the top of the list.

Here, 2 new maps will be visible. One of them is a Mini-Game called “Sheep of Death“, in which you can run back and forth dodging the explosive sheep. Use S to move left H to move right and the ESC button to use a smart-bomb type attack.

Voice Overs:

Nothing special but this is quite an amusing. Choose any unit and then, instead of providing it with any real orders. Just click on it again so that it keeps tach lking.

It will go through three normal voice-overs. But after pressing it four or five times, the unit shall start to say something which could be funny, interesting or just plain weird.

Warcraft 3 Cheat and Console Commands List:

Reign of Chaos Cheats For PC:

Reign of Chaos Cheats For Mac:

The Frozen Throne Cheats For PC:

The Frozen Throne Cheats For Mac:

Battlechest Cheats For PC:


The game was very eagerly anticipated and equally well received as worldwide over a million copies were sold in just one month.

In the United States alone, the game grossed $49.4million in sales between the year 2000 and 2006 and became the countries 6th highest selling game during that period.

These great sale figures along with receiving Best Game Award from six different publications shows the enormous popularity and success of the game.