How to get rid of carpenter bees? Remedies of eradicating carpenter bees in the house or anywhere else in the easiest ways without much hassle; etc.

Prior going into the remedies or answering how to get rid of carpenter bees in easiest ways, here are some symptoms which is a call for complete discussion. So what are causes of formation is obviously different from the symptoms. Here are the symptoms after which the causes are also pointed out.

Symptoms include: hole in the dry woods, furnishings outside the home or office (outdoor areas) and decks with half an inch round holes.

Misconception lies on the basis that carpenter bees survive on wood which is wrong. These insects in fact do nesting on these areas and not feed themselves on it.

How to Get Rid of Carpenter Bees?

Carpenter bees are easy to remove by following the procedures given below; each of them are custodian of a significant results.

  1. Boric Acid:

Boric acid serves as real hard and core poisonous element for the removal of bumble bees or carpenter bees. The answer to how to get rid of carpenter bees lies on the following home remedies:

Remedy 1: spraying boric acid:

  • Take boric acid in the bottle or spray.
  • Spray it all around those areas where you see half an inch of holes in the wooden planks, and etc.
  • Rigorous outplay of spraying helps in removal.

Remedy 2: sprinkling of boric acid in power form:

  • Sprinkle powder form of boric acid all around the places where holes are found.
  • Repeating it daily is however needed.

Badminton Rackets:

Badminton rackets or those which have electricity shocks are quite handy in getting rid of carpenter bees. During spring, carpenter bees roam around to get some comfortable space. This is why you will see active participation of female bees flying all around lawns, woods, and etc. to find burrows for laying eggs.

  • Buy an electricity racket.
  • Play with it and make a target as soon as bees are found flying.
  • Repeat every single time you find a bee.

Citrus Spray:

Squeeze citrus spray each and everywhere a burrow or holes are found. Sprays with special tags or labels bearing “for carpenter bees” are the way you can get hold of a citrus spray. However, if you are unable to find any spray with the citrus elements, then make one of your own by following the method given below:

  • Take a lemon and bring it to boil in a cup of water.
  • Fill boiled citrus water in a spray.
  • Spray it all around the holes, places where there are possibilities to find bees.
  • Repeat twice every day without fail for an instant result.

Diatomaceous Earth:

Taking help from the diatomaceous earth is a wonderful solution to get rid of carpenter bees. Follow the steps given below for at least a week.

  • Wear gloves.
  • Fill the burrows with diatomaceous earth.
  • Close the openings of holes.
  • This way all the bees will finally die with suffocation.

P.S: using same gloves for other purposes is not a good idea. Wash your hands with soap at least three times.

In short, the answer to how to get rid of carpenter bees lies on the remedies mentioned in this article.