How to get rid of bruises causes of bruises, homemade tips to prevent skin from spot and bruises and more.

Bruises are the spots may be of red, blue, purple and black colored spots. Bruises are caused by an injury. Bruises are the result of damage of a vein of skin and as a result blood is spilled from the tissues and they cause blood spots. Sudden blood leakage from skin tissues develops dark marks on the skin. After a hard hit or injury it takes only few minutes to develop bruise with limited swelling. These spots are generally faded out after few days. Bruises are painful spots and may cause inflammation on the skin. Generally bruises take 10-20 days to be cured. Here we have few remedies if you follow the mentioned remedies you can get rid of bruises quickly. These tips can help you to get rid of bruises over night.

Homemade remedies to get rid of bruises:

We have mentioned below the easiest ways to get rid of bruises. These methods include homemade ingredients with natural nutrients that cannot harm your skin.

Icing Treatment:

Icing is the best way to stop the development of bruise. Icing reduces the swelling of spots and also lessens the pain. It maintains the temperature of blood and controls blood leakage from skin.


  • Take an ice pack, if it is not available no worries. Soak a towel in ice water.
  • Place this towel on bruises.
  • Repeat it several times per day for 10-15 minutes only.

Alternative Method:

  • Take few slices of frozen potato and cucumber.
  • Place the slices into the affected skin for 10minutes.
  • Repeat this method once a day.

Vinegar and turmeric:

Organic vinegar has tendency to take away the viral blood that is clotted in the spots. Turmeric is anti septic and works faster to heal bruises. It also purifies blood and kills germs. This is antibacterial method to protect your skin from spots.


  • Take 2 teaspoon of vinegar in a small bowl; add 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder and 1 teaspoon of warm water.
  • Mix this solution.
  • Apply this solution on the spots and leave it for 10 minutes.
  • Repeat this method once a day and get quick results.
  • Onion and Yogurt:

  • Onion is widely used for healing scars, bruises and for other skin irritations. It has inflammatory characteristics that are helpful to heal bruises. Yogurt basically increases re-growth of skin cells and lowers the swelling.


    • Extract 2 table spoon onion juices and add 1 table spoon of yogurt.
    • Mix it well.
    • Apply it on bruises.
    • Let your affected skin to absorb this mixture.
    • Leave this mixture for 10 minutes.
    • Apply this mixture once a day.
    • Continue this method until bruises do not vanish.

    Last Verdict:

    In this article we have given the basic information about bruises. Everybody wants to get quick remedy to get rid of bruises. That is why we have also included helpful homemade remedies that can help you to protect your skin from bruises.