Runny nose remedies, how to get rid of runny nose in five different and workable ways, and much more.

What is runny nose? Answer to it is simple. Well, runny nose is quite common but extremely annoying concern. Mucus is the real nuisance which causes runny nose. Irritants, viruses and flushing out cold are few symptoms of runny nose. However, when it comes to treatments, it is important to know that there are many over the counter medical assistance to get rid of runny nose. There are also some home remedies and natural ways to ward off from runny nose.

In this article we have discussed five of the main and tested runny nose remedies. Let’s delve in to those:

Runny Nose Remedies – Five and Most Workable:

Over the counter medicines are readily available for the cure of a runny nose. But there are remedies for runny nose too which work more effectively without the use of much chemicals in the body. Keeping that in view, we have discussed few remedies in this article.

Remedy 1: Saline Water:

Salt or saline water is one of the best runny nose remedy. It has the potential to alleviate irritation which results in runny nose. Follow the steps mentioned below to get rid of runny nose within 24 hours.

  • In two cups of distilled and warm water, mix one and a half teaspoon of table salt.
  • Then with the help of dropper, suck few drops in the dropper.
  • Drop the droplets in each nostril one by one.
  • Make sure there are one or two drops in each nostril.
  • Tilt your head backward to make it reach till the end of nostrils.
  • Blow out the excessive salt water.
  • Repeat once or twice in a day, upon need of the situation.

Remedy 2: Mustard Oil Droplets:

What are the properties of mustard oil? Well, these have antibiotics as well as antihistamine and antiviral traits which help in many symptoms of cold and runny nose.

  • Take a tablespoon of mustard oil and heat it till it is a bit warm.
  • With the help of cotton or dropper, put one drop of mustard oil in each nostril.
  • Repeat it twice in a day.

Remedy 3: Use of Garlic:

Garlic is known typically for strong antibacterial as well as antiseptic properties. Both of these characteristics are considered best and works best for runny nose remedy.

  • Bring two cups of water to boil after adding following ingredients:
  • Salt to taste
  • Black pepper to taste
  • Garlic cloves 4 to 5 after peeling
  • Strain it in a cup and take it as a soup.


  • Chop garlic cloves and chew it nicely.
  • Add cloves in regular food and cuisine.

Remedy 4: Steam:

Steam opens the pathways in the nostril which helps in respiratory system. How it helps or what are the steps to follow are as under:

  • Bring a cup of water to boil.
  • Remove it from stove.
  • Cover it well and bring it to a safe place.
  • Wrap towel nicely, covering your head and shoulders.
  • Sit a bit far letting steam of water make its impact in the cold.
  • Sit in the steam for maximum 5 minutes. Remove the towel after 2 minutes if required.
  • Repeat it daily for the best results.
  • Runny Nose Remedy for All Ages

Last Verdict:

Mike Souheil is professional Writer, All in all these three remedies are those which brings immaculate bounties in the runny nose as well as flu or cold.