Before naming any of the CS GO Console Commands, we will first see how to activate open the command console in Counter-Strike Global Offensive. I must say it’s quite simple if you follow the instructions properly.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive:


Counter-Strike was initially started as a modification of Half-Life way back in 1999 when it was developed by Minh Le and Jess Cliffe.

Valve Corporation, the current developers of the game, then acquired the intellectual property rights for the game and released it on the Microsoft Windows platform in the year 2000.

This was the dawn of a game franchise that would go on to become one of the most popular first-person shooter online game. The initial version of the game received numerous updates over the years with the final one being Counter-Strike 1.6.

This version later replaced by Counter-Strike: Condition Zero and Source, as the developers released both the games in quick succession in 2004.

The basic scenario of the online gameplay has remained unchanged- with players choosing to play either for Terrorists with the mission of successfully planting and detonating the bomb, or play as counter-terrorists and kill the terrorists or defuse the planted bomb.

Despite the poor graphics of CS: 1.6, it remained the most played version of the franchise for the better part of the decade, even after the later versions were released.

Come the year 2012, and Valve in collaboration with Hidden Path Entertainment released the latest version of the franchise- Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and the scenario of this franchise changed.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive abbreviated as CS: GO, is currently the third most played game on Steam and also one of the most popular online games played worldwide.

Features of the Game:

• CS: GO was released on Windows, Xbox 360 and PlayStation platforms simultaneously in 2012, with a later version released for Linux in 2014. The game also allows multiplayer playing across these different platforms.

• The game supports Matchmaking, which will enable members to host their servers with personalized game modes and maps. It also allows players to play on dedicated Valve servers. The competitive matchmaking occurs through ELO rankings and different Skill groups.

• Massive improvement in gameplay graphics along with upgraded VGUI (Valve Proprietary Graphical User Interface) and HUD (Heads-up Display)

• Aiming and movement settings, are significantly improved in CS: GO allowing mid-air movement during jumps.

• The game has numerous game modes for multiplayer- Classic: Competitive, Classic: Casual, Arsenal: Demolition, Arsenal: Arms Race and the modes like Guardian, Co-Op Strike and Deathmatch only available for PC.

• Significant balancing adjustments with better penetration of bullets through walls and some other objects.

• Among the total 34 weapons available, 19 weapons have been introduced in this game. 10 of these guns are modifications of weapons available in the older versions. 9 of the remaining are weapons that have been exclusively released in this version.

• Like the weapons new equipment has also been introduced like Decoy Grenade, Molotov, Rescue Kit, etc.

• This game has seen the modification of the eight existing Classic maps and introduction of 8 new maps initially.

• A subtle but nice change to be introduced in CS: GO is the new factions for both terrorists and counter-terrorists. Now, there are 14 factions in the game but unlike older versions, each map has its unique T and CT factions which cannot be selected from the start of the game and each faction is accompanied by a different voice actor with their quotes.

• GOTV is a feature in this game that allows you to spectate random games through a specific GOTV IP.

How To Use CS GO Console Commands:

Follow the instructions below to learn how to do it.

  1. At the main screen of Counter-Strike, click the “Options” button and go to the “Game Settings“.
  2. Search for the entry called “Enable Developer Console“ and set it to “Yes“.
  3. Now click the “Options” button again and go to the “Keyboard / Mouse” settings.
  4. Look for the entry “Toggle Console“ and bind a key there. You can use any key you want, but make sure that key that is not used by Counter-StrikeSteam or any other tool you run.
  5. That’s it. Done. Go back to the main screen and open the console with the key you did set.

Note: If you still cannot open the console with the key that you have set, you should definitely want to restart Counter-Strike, then check whether the console is still activated and if your key is still set, and try to open the console again.

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Now You Can Use the CS GO Console Commands.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Console Commands List:

Server Settings In Counter-Strike: GO:

Server settings:
– Do restart the server: mp_restartgame 1
– Finish the warm-up: mp_warmup_end
– Removing the limit on the number of players per team: mp_limitteams 0
– Turn off auto balance the number of players: mp_autoteambalance 0
– Change the round length to 60 minutes: mp_roundtime 60
– The maximum number of rounds: 300 mp_maxrounds
– Maximum match : mp_timelimit 60
– Kikem all bots from the server: bot_kick
– Added SWAT bots: bot_add_ct
– Add bots terrorists: bot_add_t
– Increase the maximum amount of money to $20000: 20000 mp_maxmoney
– Change the starting amount of money $20000: 20000 mp_startmoney
– Removing preparation time before the early rounds: mp_freezetime 0
– Changing the time of purchase on 60 minutes [the length of the round]: mp_buytime 3600
– Allow players to buy weapons anywhere on the map: mp_buy_anywhere 1
– Remove the limit on the number of types of grenades: 6 ammo_grenade_limit_total
– Change the length of workout: mp_warmuptime 99999999999

Cheat Codes In CS GO:

Cheat codes:
– For using cheats: sv_cheats 1
– To disable cheats: sv_cheats 0
– Includes airplane mode, passing through walls: noclip
– Redial this command disables it.
– The possibility of immortality: god
– Redial this command disables it.
– The ability to see through walls: r_drawothermodels 2
– Disables the ability to see through walls: r_drawothermodels 1
– The ability to see the skeleton of the walls: mat_wireframe 1
– Disables the ability to watch frame walls-mat_wireframe 0

Weapons Distribution Console Commands in CS GO:

Weapons distribution: The command to give weapons: give weapon_
– give weapon_ak47 – [Ak-47]
– give weapon_aug – [AUG]
– give weapon_awp – [Awp]
– give weapon_deagle – [Desert Eagle]
– give weapon_elite – [Berettas]
– give weapon_famas – [Famas]
– give weapon_fiveseven – [Five-seven]
– give weapon_g3sg1 – [G3SG1]
– give weapon_galilar – [Galil]
– give weapon_glock – [Glock]
– give weapon_hkp2000 – [p2000]
– give weapon_knife – [Knife]
– give weapon_m249 – [m249]
– give weapon_m3 – [Benelli M3]
– give weapon_m4a1_silencer – [M4A1-S]
– give weapon_m4a1 – [M4A1]
– give weapon_mac10 – [Mac-10]
– give weapon_mag7 – [Mag-7]
– give weapon_mp7 – [MP-7]
– give weapon_mp9 – [MP-9]
– give weapon_negev – [Negev]
– give weapon_nova – [Nova]
– give weapon_p250 – [P250]
– give weapon_p90 – [P90]
– give weapon_sawedoff – [Sawedoff]
– give weapon_scar20 – [Scar-20]
– give weapon_ssg08 – [Ssg-08]
– give weapon_sg556 – [Sg556]
– give weapon_tec9 – [Tec-9]
– give weapon_ump45 – [UMP-45]
– give weapon_usp – [USP]
– give weapon_xm1014 – [XM1014]

Issue Grenades Console Commands In CS GO

Issue grenades: – the Command to issue grenades: give weapon_
– give weapon_c4 – [C4/Bomb]
– give weapon_decoy – [Decoy/Stun grenades]
– give weapon_flashbang – [Flashbang/Flash]
– give weapon_hegrenade – [HEGrenade/Explosive grenade]
– give weapon_incgrenade – [IncGrenade/Incendiary grenade]
– give weapon_molotov – [Molotov/Molotov]
– give weapon_smokegrenade – [Smoke Grenade/Smoke grenade]
– give weapon_taser – [Zeus/Zeus/Taser]
– give item_defuser – [Defuser/Defuser/Pliers]
– give item_vesthelm – [Vest+Helm/Armor and helmet]
– give item_vest – [Vest/Armor]


CS GO Console Commands For Changing Hands:

Commands for changing hands:
– Left hand: cl_righthand 0
– Right hand: cl_righthand 1
– Standard weapon in hand: viewmodel_presetpos 1
– Increased weapon in hand: viewmodel_presetpos 2
– Classic weapon in the hand [as in CS 1.6]: viewmodel_presetpos 3

Team HUD CS Go Console Commands:

Team HUD:
hud_scaling 0.85
hud_showtargetid 1 — Display when you hover over a player of his nick.
hud_takesshots 0 — Auto screenshot “TAB” at the end of the map.

Other Team Console Commands:

Other teams:
– ViDi bots when you are dead: bot_dont_shoot 1
– When set to “0” again attack the player
– Set the bots difficulty: bot_difficulty 0/1/2/3
– [0] – weak
– [1] – average.
– [2] – complex
– [3] – expert
– Bots running around with knives: bot_knives_only
– [1] the value of knives.
– [0] with any other weapon.
– Bots only use pistols: bot_pistols_only
– This command stops bots: bot_stop
– Prevents bots to use radio chat: bot_chatter
– Shows the trajectory of grenades: sv_grenade_trajectory 1
– Infinite ammo without reload: sv_infinite_ammo 1
– Infinite ammo with reload: sv_infinite_ammo 2
– Allows you to carry the maximum number of grenades: 150 ammo_grenade_limit_total
– Allows you to make the smoke invisible: fog_enable 0
– Allows you to see your fps: net_graph 0/1
– [1] When the value of this counter appears in the lower right corner
– [0] Counter disables the display of the fps.
– Shows the point at which you hit the opponent: 1 sv_showbullethits
– Shows the marks of bullets: sv_showimpacts 1
– The ability to throw the knife: 1 mp_drop_knife_enable
– Ability to change the name of the command: mp_teamname_1 “Navi”
– [1] – Counter-terrorists
– [2] – Terrorists
– Install the bomb’s timer: mp_c4timer 100

The Mouse Sensitivity In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive:

The mouse sensitivity in CS GO:
sensitivity 1.200000 — Speed of movement of the sight

Team Mouse Settings In The COP th:

Team mouse settings in the COP th:
m_customaccel 0 Custom mouse acceleration cs go
m_customaccel_exponent 0 — Disable measurement of the coefficient of proportionality of acceleration.
m_customaccel_max 0 — Max ratio acceleration.
m_customaccel_scale 0.04 — User the value of the acceleration of the mouse.
m_forward 1 — set the sensitivity multiplier to the speed of forward movement of the mouse.
m_mouseaccel1 0 Windows mouse acceleration initial threshold (2x movement).
m_mouseaccel2 0 Windows mouse acceleration, secondary threshold (4x movement).
m_mousespeed 1 — the rate of mouse acceleration in Windows
m_pitch 0.022 — inverted Mouse (Disabled) (!D. 0.022)
m_rawinput 1 — Direct connection ignoring the mouse settings control panel, the OS (!D. 0)
m_side 0.8 — Sets the multiplier of the sensitivity of the displacement speed of a mouse.
m_yaw 0.022 — Sets the sensitivity multiplier speed left-right.

Voice Commands In CS GO:

Voice commands in CS GO:
voice_enable 1 — Enable Voice chat.
voice_forcemicrecord 1 — start recording the microphone.
voice_mixer_boost 0
voice_mixer_mute 0
voice_mixer_volume 1.0
voice_loopback set to 0 to Disable playback of voice along with other players.
voice_modenable 1 — Voice chat is in fashion
voice_recordtofile 0 — Disable mikrofono the entry in the file.
voice_scale 1 — Level voice for all.
volume 1.0 is the Volume of the overall sound.
windows_speaker_config 1 — Type speakers Headphones

Commands For Sound In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive:

Commands for sound in CS GO:
dsp_enhance_stereo 1 — the Effect of stereo widening. (!D. 0)
dsp_mix_max 0.9
dsp_slow_cpu 0 — High quality sound
dsp_volume 1.0 — Enable sound
snd_mixahead 0.1 — the size of the sound buffer. (!Z 0.1)
0.000000 snd_musicvolume — music Volume
-snd_rebuildaudiocache — Rebuild audio all caches from the list of resources
suitvolume 0 — Decrease volume of shots. (!D. 0.25).

Team Graphics Settings In Counter-Strike: GO:

Team graphics settings in CS GO:
r_cheapwaterend 0 — Drawing of bottom and water
r_dynamic 0 — Dynamic shadows from objects. (!D. 1)

Configuration Commands FPS In CS GO:

Configuration commands FPS in CS GO:
fps_max 401 — Limit FPS (!D. 300) (!0 — No limit).
func_break_max_pieces 0 — number of pieces of junk type of boxes, bottles, barrels. (!D. 15)

Team Connection Settings In CS: Global Offensive:

Team connection settings in CS GO:
net_channels 0 — Display the channel information in the console (the same information that the net_graph command).
net_graph 1 — Enable panel connection information
net_graphheight 40 — Height of net_graph panel
net_graphmsecs 400 — Changes the update rate of block
net_graphpos 1 — Location net_graphа.
net_graphproportionalfont 0.5 — the size of the net_graph
net_graphshowinterp 1 — Shows the string interpolation
net_graphshowlatency 1 — Draws a graph of Ping packets
net_graphsolid 1 — turn Off the transparency of lagomera
net_graphtext 1 — Include the text in the box
net_maxroutable 1260 — Maximum fragmentation in bytes for package
net_scale 5 — Size schedule
net_steamcnx_allowrelay 1
net_splitpacket_maxrate 15000 — ? (!D. 15000)
option_duck_method 0 — Hold/single press press squats. (!D. 0)
option_speed_method 0 — Hold/single press press run. (!D. 0)
password — the Current password to access the server (!D. )
rate 30000 is the Number of bytes that the client can receive from the server per second.

A Team Joystick Setup In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive:

Team joystick setup in CS GO: This is if someone plays joystick.
joy_lowend 1 — Determines the magnitude of the physical range of the controller that You want to exclude as internal.
joy_lowend_linear 0.55
joy_lowmap 1 — Specifies the value of the valid range of the controller mapped to the inner zone.
joy_movement_stick 0
joy_name joystick — the Name of your joystick.
joy_no_accel_jump 0
joy_pitchsensitivity 1
joy_pitchthreshold 0.15
joy_response_look 0 — Mode response of the joystick to look
joy_response_look_pitch 1
joy_response_move 1 — Mode response of the joystick for movement
joy_sensitive_step0 0.1
joy_sensitive_step1 0.4
joy_sensitive_step2 0.90
joy_sidesensitivity 1 — Determines the amount of joystick movement required for maximum movement speed side to side.
joy_sidethreshold 0.15 — Specifies the dead-zone for movement side to side.
joy_wingmanwarrior_centerhack 0 — Fixes a centering problem with the Wingman Warrior joystick.
joy_wingmanwarrior_turnhack 0 — Fixes the rotation problem with the Wingman Warrior joystick.
joy_yawsensitivity -1 — Specifies the speed or ratio used when browsing left or right.
joy_yawthreshold 0.15 — Defines the dead zone for the review left or right.
0 joystick — Disable the joystick
lookspring set to 0 to Disable automatic centering of the sight
lookstrafe 0 — Disable the mouse Streif

Team //Budget In Global Offensive:

Team //Budget in CS GO:
budget_averages_window 0 — Number of frames to calculate when displaying the average frame rate of the panel (!D. 30)
budget_background_alpha 0 — Transparency tray (!D. 128)
budget_bargraph_background_alpha 128 — Transparency panel (!D. 128)
budget_bargraph_range_ms 16.6666666667 the Border of the chart in seconds (!D. 16)
budget_history_numsamplesvisible 0 — Number of segments to draw a diagram (!D. 100)
budget_history_range_ms 5 — border of the chart is in seconds (!D. 5)
budget_panel_bottom_of_history_fraction .25 — ?
budget_panel_height 384 — panel Height in pixels
budget_panel_width 512 — panel Width in pixels
budget_panel_x 0 — the x Position of the window from the left edge of the screen
budget_panel_y 50 — the y Position of window from left edge of screen
budget_peaks_window 0 — Number of frames to count the display of the statistics window (!D 30)
budget_show_averages set to 0 to Disable the average value in statistics
budget_show_history 0 — Disables the history of graphics (!D. 1)
budget_show_peaks 0 — Disables display of the peaks in the statistics
bugreporter_uploadasync 0 — Download apps asynchronously (!D. 0)
bugreporter_username — (!D.) [CSGO]

The Hand Model With The Weapon:

The hand model with the weapon:
viewmodel_fov 65 — For zoom in/zoom out model of the weapon [CSGO] (!D. 60) min 54 max 65
viewmodel_offset_x — 0 position of arms and hands on the x-axis
viewmodel_offset_y — 0 position of arms and hands along the y axis
viewmodel_offset_z — 0 position of arms and hands on the z axis
viewmodel_presetpos 0

//cl_ settings In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive:

//cl_ settings in CS GO:
cl_allowdownload 1 — Download cs go maps, models and decals from the server when you connect
cl_allowupload set to 0 to Disable downloading of maps, models go and cs decals on the server when you connect
cl_autohelp 0 — Disable tooltips (!D. 1)
cl_autowepswitch 0 — Disable automatic change selected weapons (!D. 1)
cl_chatfilters 63 — Filter chat
cl_class default — Selection skin player cs go (default)
cl_clearhinthistory 1 — Clears the memory prompts on the client side.
cl_cmdrate 128 — Number of packets that the client can send the server.
cl_crosshairalpha 255.000000 — the transparency of the crosshair cs go (!D. 200)
cl_crosshaircolor 5 — 0-Green; 1-Red; 2-Dark blue; 3-Yellow; 4-Light blue; 5-the Color of sight of the COP Goh is appointed by the RGB command.
cl_crosshaircolor_r 60 — the Color of sight of the COP(Red)
cl_crosshaircolor_b 80 — Color sight (Blue)
cl_crosshaircolor_g 240 — Color of the sight (Green)
cl_crosshairdot 1 Point in the center of sight of the COP th (!D. 0)
cl_crosshairscale 0 — do Nothing :D. (!D. 0)
cl_crosshairsize 0.0 — sight Size of the KC th (!D. 6)
cl_crosshairstyle 1 — Change the types of sight (!.D0)
cl_crosshairthickness 1 — Thickness of the crosshair. (!D. 0.5)
cl_crosshairusealpha 1 — Enable/disable transparent sight.
cl_debugrumble ” 0 ” Disables \ Enables Rumble debugging
cl_detail_avoid_force 0.0 — ? (!D. 0)
cl_detail_avoid_radius 0 is the Radius at which clutter will be visible.
cl_detail_avoid_recover_speed 0 — ? (!D. 0)
cl_detail_max_sway 0 is the Distance at which will be visible to the garbage.
cl_disablefreezecam 1 — Remove screen of death cs go(!D. 0)
cl_downloadfilter nosounds Determines which files can be downloaded from the server (all:Upload all files, none:do
Not download the files, nosounds:do Not load the sounds).
cl_dynamiccrosshair 0 — Enable dynamic scope — expands on the fly and in jump (D. 0).
cl_fixedcrosshairgap 3 — the size of the new sight (!D. 0) [CSGO]
cl_forcepreload 1 — Load information about textures and models in the beginning of the map. (!D. 0)
cl_freezecampanel_position_dynamic 1
cl_interp 0.0299 — the time period over which the interpolation occurs. (!D. 1)
cl_interp_ratio 1 is the Number of interpolation intervals between the world. (!D. 2)
cl_lagcompensation 1 — Produces the lag compensation on the server side.
cl_language russian — Language game cs go (!D. english )
cl_logofile materials/vgui/logos/t1.vtf — the Way to your spray
cl_mouselook 1 — Set the value to 1 to look around with the mouse, 0 – using the keyboard.
cl_observercrosshair 1 — Display a crosshair in spectator mode (!D. 1).
cl_playerspraydisable 0 to Enable the display of sprays of the players KC th
cl_predictweapons 1 — Produces a prediction of the effects of weapons on the client side. (!D. 1)
cl_resend 6 — Time through which the packet will be sent if the previous is not reached
cl_righthand 1 — Weapon in right hand
cl_rumblescale 0 — Scale sensitivity of Rumble effects. (!D. 1.0)
cl_scalecrosshair 1 — Includes the ability to resize
cl_show_scaleform_achievement_popups 1
cl_showerror 0 — Close the window of the prediction error
cl_showfps 0 — hides FPS indicator at the top of the screen
cl_showhelp 0 — Help screen on the cs go(!D. 1)
cl_showloadout 0
1 cl_showpluginmessages — allow plugins installed on the server to show you messages (advertising, etc.).
cl_soundfile sound/player/jingle.wav File sound ringing.
cl_spec_mode 6 — Mode of a spectator. (!D. 1) 4 — player. 5 — Snapping flying camera to the player. 6 — Flying mode.
cl_team default — the Choice the team made the connection to the game
cl_teamid_overhead_name_alpha 240
cl_teamid_overhead_name_fadetime 0.5
cl_timeout 25 — If the server does not respond within the specified time, automatically shutdown. (!D. 30)
128 cl_updaterate — Number of packets that the client can receive from the server.
closecaption 0 — Subtitles cs go
closeonbuy 0 — closes shop after purchase
con_enable 1 — Activation console cs go (!D. 1)
crosshair 1 — enables crosshair (!D. 1)
clientport 27005 Client port (!D. 27005)


With its new features, better graphics and gameplay CS: GO is increasingly captivating the first person shooter gaming fraternity and winning over old CS: 1.6 faithful.

With its new updates and patches, the game keeps improving is proving to be a worthy successor of the CS 1.6 and will undoubtedly remain as one of the most popular online games for a few years to come.