Calradia XII Bannerlord Version In this mod we will adhere to the history of Calradia. The year is 1170 Ad – 80 years before Warband and 120 soon after Bannerlord motion. The Empire is crushed but there is smaller portion in the north which survives. The Nords are still in continent named “Nordland”. The Vaegirs did not appeared yet but there is a kingdom in the norhern portion of Calradia named “Sturdia” and it is extremely very similar with Vaegirs. An additional disappeared faction in Warband – Battania is still alive and finds position in the Central Calradia. With his barbarian origins battanians may perhaps search very similar with nords but they have drastically better archers, not so armored infantry as huscarls but extremely braved and strong axemen, even they have cavalry.The Rhodoks Clans gains independence from Vlandia.The Khuzaits are battling much in the East, and Aserais are moving North. The mod can be played by extremely poor Pc. Credits to the mods: Out of Darkness, The Sword and the Axe and Crusader-Deus Vult

Calradia XII Bannerlord Edition v2.0