Mount & Blade: Warband is an expansion pack of the stand-alone type to the action role-playing video game Mount & Blade. Because of the popularity of the game, many Mount and Blade Warband Cheats were also created.

Announced way back in Jan ’09, it was developed by TaleWorlds Entertainment which happens to be a Turkish company. And the game was publicised by Paradox Interactive on 30th March 2010.

You can download the game directly from the TaleWorlds website, via the Steam digital distribution software, or even as a DVD (if you still want to have that feel), but that’ll also require online activation.

Versions for Linux and Mac OS versions are also available for download via Steam.

Game Reviews From Players:

Warband takes the game a step further by letting us know the sixth faction (that happens to be The Sarranid Sultanate), granting the accessibility to the player to begin their own faction, increasing political options and incorporating multiplayer modes.

Reviews of the game were leaning towards them especially since they have added the multiplayer functionality.

The game provides more focus on the horse-mounted type combat and ordering around to your Warband in the field. Like commanding the archers to be steady in a position or just the infantry to only use blunt weapons.

Mount & Blade Warband Previous Game Version:

By 31st Jan 2014Paradox Interactive gave up the publishing for Warband and the rights of publishing back went to the developers.

The game has had a worldwide release officially on 16th September 2016 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. But still, countries like New Zealand and Australia aren’t the ones who get to play the game “officially”.

Mount & Blade: Warband Game Play Guide:

The prominent additions to the game were the new organisation of the entire overworld map, the inclusion of multiplayer capability and the addition of a 6th faction, Sarranid Sultanate.

The feature of using political options enables the players to marry ladies and even influence landlords. And it is also allowed for an unaligned player to gain control over a castle or a town and begin their own faction.

The game possesses slightly improved graphics, alongside new or altered animations during combat.

Mount and Blade Warband Cheats and Console Command:

For the usage of the cheats, you have to configure your game such that it enables cheats:

Firstly, open up the game launcher, and prior to you clicking on Play Mount&Blade, browse to Configure. And from here, tap on the Game tab and tick-mark the box placed near to Enable Cheats.

You should remember that progressing with Mount and Blade Warband Cheats enabled shall stop you from gaining Steam Achievements.

But, you can always disable them if you want to enable gaining achievements again as they will only be disabled for the sessions when the cheats are used.

It is a tremendously useful tool for the modders as it allows you to “pace up” gameplay time. Thus, the features that are generally available during the latter part of the game can be accessed earlier.

Complete List of  Mount and Blade Warband Cheats and Console Command:

+1,000 Dinar one time Inventory [Ctrl] + X
+1,000 experience points (one time) Character [Ctrl] + X
Faster leveling Character [Ctrl] + L
Increase all weapon proficiencies Character [Ctrl] + W
Upgrade selected unit (one time) Party [Ctrl] + X
See everything except hideouts Map [Ctrl] + T
Teleport party Map [Ctrl] + Left Mouse Button
Upgrade all available units to that path Battle [Ctrl] + Left Click
Restore health Battle [Ctrl] + H
Heal your horse Battle [Ctrl] + [Shift] + H
Damage yourself Battle [Ctrl] + [F3]
Knock single enemy unit unconscious Battle Hold [Ctrl] + [Shift] and press [F4]
All enemy troops unconscious Battle [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [F4]
All enemies zoomed into unconscious Battle [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [F4]
AI takes over your character Battle [Ctrl] + [F5]
Toggle slow motion [Ctrl] + [F9]

Tips To Create A Godlike Character Using Mount and Blade Warband Cheats:

  1. Begin the game with any playable character that you desire, make sure that this person is not important, or you can just get an old one from an earlier save.
  2. Once you regain control, open the player’s character sheet and tap on Statistics that is located on the bottom left of the screen.
  3. Tap on Export character.
  4. Browse to computer>Local disk>Users>the name you use>Documents>mount & blade warband>Charactersand open this text file that got created for editing.
  5. Now, you are able to modify your character sheet and gold as much as you want. But remember that you should not modify the reserved skills. Because if you do that then there is a high probability that your game will crash.
  6. Begin the game along with a character that shares the name with the super character, open the character sheet and tap on statistics.
  7. Tap on IMPORT character.
  8. Voila! Now you have a player with unlimited stash and never ever having the need to level up.