XCOM 2 is, as the developers like to say, a turn-based tactics video game. They comprise of Firaxis Games and the game’s published by 2K Games. Because of game so much popularity, Many XCOM 2  cheats were also created in next few years.

It was made available for Microsoft Windows, OS X, and Linux in February 2016. A for Xbox One and PS4 in September 2016.

The game series was rebooted with XCOM: Enemy Unknown back in 2012 and XCOM 2 is the sequel to it. So, after a time leap of 20 years after what took place in Enemy Unknown, it follows that same continuity that XCOM, a military organisation which has lost the war against an alien invasion and has now become a resistance force against their misdoings of Earth.


XCOM 2 has been out with a genuinely wide acclaim, but it’s also being considered as quite a bit deal trickier in comparison with the previous title from this series.

Fortunately, and similar to the original reboot of XCOM, there are lots of console commands and cheat codes which can be used whenever you go stagnant in your gameplay.

It should be remembered that when you are using any of these console commands, your game will be VERY Easy. And this has a high probability of cheapening your XCOM 2 experience.

Some Important Features of XCOM 2:

Customizable Characters:

Unlike many other action Video games where you are compelled to choose among existing characters, XCOM 2 provides you with completely customizable characters.

It would add up to the excitement having yourself and your friends as a team in the Game. And, this customization isn’t just providing visual control, but also, they all differ in abilities as well.

Thus, in XCOM 2, you will not be stuck in a repetitious loop of controls and task for characters, the game will not only make you think about which character to use when, but also how to use them.

Concealment Mechanics:

XCOM 2 has amazing new Concealment Mechanics, in which no one notices you when you initially enter a mission so that you can sneak past enemies or initiate attacks on unsuspected patrols.

Executing a deadly ambush while keeping your squad hidden is an exciting challenge and interesting strategy. When you start a mission, the enemy doesn’t know you’re there until you get within a certain radius, or open fire.

So, you have some options ahead of that you can do, like dash ahead without looking or set all but one of your squad into Overwatch mode around a group of enemies then hit your highest-priority target.

Combat Mechanics:

You might have played action games where the enemy troops are deployed ahead of you, or in the map region and you need to assault them to win. Well, XCOM 2 demands from you a lot of extra efforts in Combat.

It’s not just the level of difficulties which differ, but you have to think about which enemy to kill first and not to leave any survivor, as these factors have a vast effect on the outcome of the mission.

Also, XCOM 2 has an easy to understand two moves per turn system. In one round, each soldier can perform two actions, moving to a new position and shooting with the acquired weapons. This helps to quickly move around the map and evacuate soldiers that are under enemy fire.

Maps and Objectives:

The maps and objectives aren’t just about conquering the enemy from region to region. But it requires us to keep a track on enemy’s newly built facilities and making sure to destroy them and completing the objectives.

Starting from a random location, you must position your base accordingly so that you can propel around the map, make connections with resistance cells in various regions, collect supplies, and launch raids against the aliens.

The high quality conductively generated maps, with a lot of mission types, will test your analytics about various situations.

You won’t know where an object will be or the location of the enemy, whether you must attack or defend, extract or kill VIPs, or blow things up. You might have to make choices whether to make risky moves or abrupt retreats.

XCOM 2 Cheats and XCOM 2 Console Commands List:

So, you’ve been informed. Also, using them won’t hinder your achievements, so you can use them as much as you like.

Now, before using any of these awesome Xcom 2 cheats first, you gotta need to do some modifications in the launch options for the game.

In order to do that, head towards your Steam Library. And search for the game, then right-click on XCOM 2 and choose Properties. After that, look for the little button which reads “Set Launch Options”. Click on it, and then copy and paste the following command in:

-allowconsole -log -autodebug

The tough part has been done and now all you have to do is to launch your game and hit the tilde key, which looks like: ” ~ “.

Now, simply enter any of the codes which are mentioned below and have fun while cheating your way to winning.

Important Notes:

This process involves editing a game file; therefore, it is recommended to create a backup copy of the file before going any further.

You have to also add the “-allowconsole” command line parameter at the end of the “Target” field in the “Shortcut” properties which you use to start the game.

If you are using it via Steam, then simply right click XCOM 2 in your Steam Library and choose the “Properties”option which can be found in the “General” tab. Now choose the “Set Launch Options” button, and enter “-allowconsole” in the field provided.

When you press ~ to display the console window, type in “enablecheats“.

After that push the Enter key to activate the cheat mode. Now you can type any of the following codes and enjoy it to their extent.

Some Of The Most Popular XCOM 2 Cheats code:

(We’re helping you save time)

Cheats Code Effects
giveengineer 1 Gives 1 engineer staff
givescientist 1 Gives 1 scientist staff
giveresource supplies (insert number) CASH
TakeNoDamage your squad is immune to damage, also known as godmode
PowerUp take no damage, no need to reload, unlimited movement – even better godmode!
LevelUpBarracks get 1 rank up on ALL soldiers in the barracks
togglefow opens up the entire map (Clears fog of war)

A complete list Of All The Cheats Which Are Available:

Cheats Code Effects
SetStratagyFacilitiesSuperSpree Ability to build all facilities instantly for free, toggle with on/off
SetStrategyFacilitiesUnlockAll Ability to build all facilities, toggle with on/off
SetStratagyFacilitiesInstantBuild Ability to build facilities instantly, toggle with on/off
SetStratagyFacilitiesFree All facilities free, toggle with on/off
TakeNoDamage All units invincible
PowerUp All units invincible with unlimited ammo
enablecheats Enables the use of commands
giveresource CorpseAdventMEC # Gives # amount of Advent MEC corpses
giveresource CorpseAdventOfficer # Gives # amount of Advent Officer corpses
giveresource CorpseAdventShieldbearer # Gives # amount of Advent Shieldbearer corpses
giveresource CorpseAdventStunLancer # Gives # amount of Advent Stun Lancer corpses
giveresource CorpseAdventTrooper # Gives # amount of Advent Trooper corpses
giveresource AlienAlloy # Gives # amount of Alien Alloys
giveresource CorpseArchon # Gives # amount of Archon corpses
giveresource CorpseBerserker # Gives # amount of Berserker corpses
additem heavyplatedarmor # Gives # amount of E.X.O. Suits
giveresource EleriumCore # Gives # amount of Elerium Cores
giveresource EleriumDust # Gives # amount of Elerium Crystals
giveresource CorpseFaceless # Gives # amount of Faceless corpses
giveresource Intel # Gives # amount of Intel
giveresource CorpseMuton # Gives # amount of Muton corpses
additem EpicPCSAgility # Gives # amount of PCS: Superior Agility
additem EpicPCSConditioning # Gives # amount of PCS: Superior Conditioning
additem EpicPCSFocus # Gives # amount of PCS: Superior Focus
additem EpicPCSPerception # Gives # amount of PCS: Superior Perception
additem EpicPCSSpeed # Gives # amount of PCS: Superior Speed
giveresource CorpseSectoid # Gives # amount of Sectoid corpses
additem lightplatedarmor # Gives # amount of Spider Suits
additem ReloadUpgrade_Sup # Gives # amount of Superior Auto-Loaders
additem ClipSizeUpgrade_Sup # Gives # amount of Superior Expanded Magazines
additem FreeFireUpgrade_Sup # Gives # amount of Superior Hair Triggers
additem CritUpgrade_Sup # Gives # amount of Superior Laser Sights
additem FreeKillUpgrade_Sup # Gives # amount of Superior Repeaters
additem AimUpgrade_Sup # Gives # amount of Superior Scopes
additem MissDamageUpgrade_Sup # Gives # amount of Superior Stocks
giveresource supplies # Gives # amount of Supplies
giveresource CorpseViper # Gives # amount of Viper corpses
additem heavypoweredarmor # Gives # amount of W.A.R. Suits
additem lightpoweredarmor # Gives # amount of Wraith Suits
givescientist # Gives a Scientist with skill level #
giveengineer # Gives an Engineer with skill level #
GiveTech [techname] Gives the specified tech, replace [techname] with the tech you want

Unlockable XCOM 2 Cheats Heroes:

The following names could be entered in the character info menu.

This character names could be found under inside soldier’s customization menu. But you should know that this shall work only in Single Player campaign and will disable your achievements.

Cheats Code Effects
Sid Meier Equipped with plasma weapons and and all Psi abilities
Beaglerush (nickname) Grenadier equipped with war suit and best weapons
Peter Van Doorn Ranger equipped with wraith suit and best weapons

Trophies In XCOM 2:

DLC: Alien Hunters Trophies:

Trophy Description
Investigate the Abandoned Research Facility A Forbidden Experiment
Kill the Archon Ruler Archon Annihilator
Kill the Berserker Ruler Berserker Breaker
Purchase all of the final tier hunter weapons Deadly Arsena
Use a ruler armor ability against an alien ruler Enemy Adopted
Kill all three alien rulers in a single game Kingslayer
Kill an alien ruler while it attempts to escape Not Throwing Away My Shot
Use all ruler armor abilities in a single mission Now I Am The Master
Kill an alien ruler the first time you encounter it Regicide
Kill the Viper Ruler Viper Vanquisher

DLC: Shen’s Last Gift:

Trophy Description
Beat the Lost Towers mission A Torch Passed
Hit three shots on a single turn with a SPARK unit after using its Overdrive ability Always be Shooting
Defeat a robotic enemy with a SPARK unit Axles to Axles, Bolts to Bolts
Outfit a SPARK unit with the highest tier weaponry and armor Bells and Whistles
Build a SPARK unit Just Like Dad Used To Make
Kill an enemy primed Derelict MEC before it can self-destruct Make ‘em go Boom
Defeat an Avatar with a SPARK unit Matter Over Mind
Promote a SPARK unit to Champion rank Our New Overlords
Complete a mission with three or more SPARK units in the squad Rise of the Robots
A SPARK unit survives a mission it started with less than half health Running on Fumes

Main Game:

Trophy Description
Recover the Forge Item A Better Human Being
Recover the Psi Gate A Dark Doorway
Create the Commander’s Avatar A Final Stand
Kill an Avatar A God Falls
Recover a Codex Brain A Grim Key
Recover the Blacksite Data A Horrible Truth
Complete the Avatar Autopsy A Line Crossed
Beat a mission in June or later using only Rookies Beginner’s Luck
Kill a Viper who is strangling a squadmate Breathing Room
Sabotage an alien facility Bring It Down
Skulljack each different type of ADVENT soldier (does not have to be in same game) Brutal Collection
Cause an enemy to die in a car explosion Car Explosion
Build the Shadow Chamber Codebreaker
Kill a Sectoid who is currently mind controlling a squadmate Come Back To Me
Unlocked all other XCOM 2 trophies Commander
Earn a second tier hack reward Cyberlord
Kill a Berserker in melee combat David and Goliath
Overthrow the aliens on Commander difficulty Defender of Humanity
Overthrow the aliens at any difficulty level Earth Avenged
Completely upgrade a beam weapon with superior grade weapon upgrades Excalibur
Beat the game on Commander+ difficulty by July 1st Exquisite Timing
Complete the tactical tutorial First Blood
Get all of the continent bonuses available in a single campaign Global Resistance
Apply a PCS upgrade to a soldier Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
Cause an enemy to fall to its death Have a Nice Trip
Kill an enemy with every heavy weapon in the game (doesn’t have to be in the same game) Heavy Metal
Beat a Retaliation mission with 3 or less civilian deaths Heroes of the Resistance
Overthrow the aliens on Legend difficulty Immortal Commander
Complete a successful ambush Like Clockwork
Upgrade a weapon Locked and Loaded
Kill a Sectopod on the same turn you encounter it (in Single Player) Meat Over Metal
Hack a Sectopod Mechlord
Evacuate a soldier whose bleed-out timer is still running Nick of Time
Kill 3 enemies in a single turn, with a single soldier, without explosives Now Am I Become Death
Beat a mission on Commander+ with a squad of soldiers only of the same class (but not Rookie) Overpowered
Kill 500 aliens. (does not have to be in same game) Pile ‘Em Up
Build Resistance Comms Rebel Radio
Make contact with a region Rise of the Resistance
Upgrade a facility Room to Grow
Complete a Rumor Rumor Hunter
Sell goods worth 1000 supplies to the Black Market (Can span multiple games) Shadow Broker
Build a facility in every Avenger slot Shen’s Legacy
Kill an enemy with a hacked turret Stop Hitting Yourself
Beat the game on Commander+ difficulty without buying a Squad Size upgrade The Few and the Proud
Play in a multiplayer match The Most Dangerous Game
Build a radio relay on every continent The Sun Never Sets
Beat the game on Commander+ without losing a soldier The Untouchables
Build an experimental item in the Proving Grounds Tinker
Beat the game on Commander+ difficulty in Ironman mode Valhalla
Beat the final mission using only conventional gear Who Needs Tygan?
Skulljack an ADVENT Officer With Extreme Prejudice


Hence, if you love playing with a theme and want to enjoy the feeling of victory in a virtually dramatic way, XCOM 2 cheats will not bore you. The Turn-based tactics, concealment mechanism and two moves per turn system are some of the differentiating features of XCOM 2.

Inspired by great action movies? Well then play XCOM 2 to use your mastermind and skills to Save the Earth yourself.