16+ Players Only. This is the Rev 58 of series 8.x release. This is a exclusive edition with minimized nudity. This file is mod-foldered and it uses 7z compression. Precise room uncompressed is about 1,640MB. Please browse the browse-me folder to observe via on installation instruction. It is advised that the consumer has far more than 3GB of memory to operate this mod in addition a appropriate greater efficiency movie card. And uses Rome:Total War/Barbarian-Invasion RTW/BI 1.6, as is out there via the Rome:Total War Gold Edition or obtain from Steam. The 8.3D Release minimized nudity and hence it is supposed to be far more “family welcoming”. On the other hand, it still may well comprise bugs which can show accidental nudity. Consequently, this mod is still supposed for 18+ gamers who wishes to engage in this mod in a family setting, be sure to obtain and use at your very own chance.

16+ Beta, Amazons:Total War - Refulgent 8.3F